Portuguese Computer Science Students

Who are we?

TeamRocketIST is a security team founded in August of 2017, we represent IST (Instituto Superior Técnico).

The main purpose of the team is create a reason to learn/pratice subjects that we may have learned in university but didn’t have the time to pratice them in class.

We also aim to create an environment among students in order to motivate them to research new cyber security issues.

We like to contribute to the community with high detailed write ups.

Our ranking never was our primary concern, and since we are a very small team is very unlikely we will ever get a top 50 in the end of the year.

The max number of students we actually had during a ctf was 4, currently we only play with 1/2 max students and we are open to recruit more people.

For recruitment or other subjects you can contact us via twitter or via discord rofl#6625